Samizdat Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine offering opinions on a variety of crucial topics, namely, politics, science, history, economics, music, literature, and so forth.

Much of what Samizdat Magazine publishes runs counter to dominant state ideologies that aim to circumscribe unpopular opinion. Samizdat Magazine was not so named because we are living in a prosperous time of free expression. The lights are going out on free speech across the West, and the list of things you cannot say and must say increases all the more. Samizdat Magazine is not, however, all about polemic; you will have to read the magazine to find out.

Samizdat Magazine hosts the following motto: ‘veritatis simplex oratio est’. This translates as: ‘The language of truth is simple’. Taken from De Brevitate Vitae (‘On the Shortness of Life’), one of Seneca the Younger’s letters to his friend Lucilius, the maxim communicates what is at the heart of Samizdat Magazine: unadorned speech. Seneca concluded his letter with an important farewell: ‘We should not, therefore, make that language intricate; since there is nothing less fitting for a soul of great endeavour than such crafty cleverness’.